Azienda Ospedaliera di Perugia


The Hospital Authority, which includes the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Perugia, constitutes a "Highly Specialised Enterprise" which,  thanks to its complex of technologies, to the specific professional skills which operate within its structures, to its productive capacity and typology of service provided, represents a  point of reference both for the residents of Umbria and for citizens from the other regions of Italy.

The Authority which has its headquarters in Perugia, a city located in the heart of Umbria which can be reached in around 2 hours from Rome and from Florence.

The specific high complexity structures present in Perugia Hospital (according to DRG 1026/2006) include the following:
Cardiac Surgery, Surgical Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Oncological Surgery, Neurosurgery and Thoracic Surgery, Emergency, Nephrology and Kidney Transplant, Haematology with Bone Marrow Transplant, Paediatric Oncology, Surgical Neuroradiology, Oncological Radiotherapy, Internal and Vascular Medicine with Stroke Unit, Unipolar Spinal Unit and Infectious Diseases.

In addition, The Hospital Authority also represents:
• Regional Inter-Health Authority Oncological Reference Centre
• Regional Centre for the surveillance of infections from HIV and nosocomial infections.
• Regional Reference Centre for prescriptive appropriateness.
• Regional Reference Centre for Organ Transplant.
• Regional Reference Centre per la Medically Assisted Procreation.
• Regional Blood Co-ordination Centre.
• Diabetes Reference Centre.
• Genetic advisory service and prenatal diagnosis.
• Reference Centre for Gastroenterology, Hepatology and digestive Endoscopy.
In addition, there is the Immunotransfusional Service with Molecular Biology.

The faculties of Medicine and Surgery of Perugia University are present in Perugia Hospital Authority. Scientific research plays a very important role and its results are born out by the significance of the studies carried out in medical and surgical fields, for example in the sectors of vascular surgery, transplant surgery, haematology, immunology and genetics, oncology.

Avant-garde Technologies
- PET positron emission tomography, 
- NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, 
- Spiral CT,
- Gamma Chamber, 
- Linear Accelerator.

In Perugia Hospital Authority the continual improvement in the quality of service has always been one of the prime objectives.
Quality is pursued through 
• continual attention dedicated to the quality of the clinical documentation (Medical Record Project);
• the development of guide lines such as those regarding the use of albumin in hospital, on the diagnosis and therapy of tumours of the pancreas, of the colon-rectum, of breast cancer, as well as for the insertion of the central venous catheter, of lesions caused by pressure and of the prophylactic use of antibiotics in surgery;
• the diffusion of the use of Evidence Based Practice;
• the application of investigative methods such as “PRUO” (Protocol for the Review of Hospital Use) in order to verify the organisational efficiency;
Further information and contact details

Perugia Hospital Via Brunamonti , 51 - 06122 Perugia 
Switchboard: 075 5781
Administration: tel 075 5783993/3992
Fax: 075 5783531
E- mail:

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