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118 Emergency

General Information

For all emergency cases:
- people injured in road accidents
- accidents at the workplace
- accidents at home or in other locations
- serious illnesses
- poisoning
- emergency admission to hospital

In all situations where life is at risk call the free emergency number "118" from any telephone.

At any time of the day or the night an Operator of the 118 service will answer your call and ask you to give the following information:

Who are you?
Where are you calling from?
What has happened?
Where did it happen?
How many people are involved?
In what condition is the injured person?

The emergency services will set off immediately afterwards.

The single emergency number, "118", puts the caller in touch with a single operational unit where expert staff can, once the request for help has been received, activate a response which is both flexible and suited to the needs of the individual case.
This number replaces all previous numbers used for requesting medical aid. Tight co-ordination allows the operators to have detailed knowledge of all the resources available in the area.
All of this ensures that the initial response sent out in specially equipped vehicles with professional nurses and specialist doctors is the right one.

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